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A Very Un-Se*xy Tactic That’ll Se*x-Up Your Internet Marketing Life.

January 9, 2008

Thumbs Up This is not some sneaky Internet Marketing Tactic that only the Gurus know.

This is some basic down-to-earth common sense.

Which BTW wasn’t so common for me 🙂

So without further mucking about lets get down to it.

Whether you’re in Internet marketing or doing anything else online, if you’re like most of us, you’ll have subscribed to some newsletters or the other.

If you’ve subscribed to Internet Marketers then you’re in big trouble.

Major trouble.

Within a few days Your Inbox is going to EXPLODE!

Don’t believe me?

Just open up a new window.
Type in Internet Marketing in your search box and see how many names come up.

Then go to a few sites and sign up for their newsletters.
Be sure to do this in a separate email account that you wouldn’t need for really important purposes like emails from your family, friends and work.Subscribe to those newsletters and wait a few days.

Maybe a week.

What happens when you finally open up your email?

See the avalanche of emails in your inbox?

H*ell I subscribed to one of these Giveaways…and guess what happened.

If you guessed that my inbox got inundated with emails from all of those people then you guessed right.

So I glanced through them and checked out the ones that looked interesting.

Then I deleted the ones that were boring. I deleted about 52 emails that day.
The next day was the weekend and I had some stuff to do so I never checked my mail.
Come Monday and I open up my email. And man! did I get a shock or what!

Over 200 emails in my inbox.
Dam*n I thought… anyway I read through some…very few.
Never got to deleting the majority as there as a power outage.
As luck would have it I got a bad cold and didn’t check my mail for another few days.

Finally opened it up after 5 days and I said “What the F*ck!”

There were 2783 emails in my inbox!

And most of them were selling the same stuff.

That got me dash pis*sed off.

But I got down to deleting them…and unsubscribing from them.

You might want to do the same too.

In fact I recommend this.

Don’t worry about missing something. Simply keep a list of the sites you’ve subscribed to and then unsubscribe from most of them.

If you’re really worried that you might miss something then stay on the list the Biggest Internet Marketing Whore.

You’ll know who I mean. Just see who sends you the most emails about all the different promotions and launches and affiliate products out there. I’m actually staying on this guy’s list just to keep up with what’s going on in the Internet Marketing Guru’s circles. I do like to know what th Gurus are doing next.

Here are some tips for cleaning your inbox.

  1. Be ruthless.
  2. Be selective.
  3. Stay on 3 Seo experts lists. 3 is all you need. not more. (I’ll give tips on those too in a later post)
  4. Stay on 1 Affiliate Internet Marketing Whore’s List. (to be up to date on IM)
  5. Stay on 1-2 advertising experts lists. (You need to know as much as you can about advertising…but be sure to use it too)
  6. Stay on 1 Web Techy’s list. (So you know about scripts and other website stuff)
  7. And last and certainly the least important: Stay on 1 Internet Marketing Whore’s List.

Keep your Inbox clean. Don’t get more than 15-20 mails in these categories combines

Only keep subscribed to people who give you good information.

If you’ve subscribed to my RSS feed and think my stuff sucks then please by all means unsubscribe.

Clean your reading space of all unnecessary emails.

As I said in the beginning. This tactic is not se*xy. But like most other unse*xy tactics is

  • Immediately Effective
  • Produces long-term efficiency in your Internet Marketing Life.

Do yourself a favor and do this One thing right now. It’ll make your Life a whole lot easier.
Until next time,


How To Maximize Your Life

January 4, 2008

Have you ever wondered why you work so da*mn hard and yet seem to get nowhere?

Sometime late last year I felt like that.

After much time spent in spinning my wheels and going around in circles in my Internet Life and my Personal Life I’ve come to the conclusion that My Action Ratio should always be 1: 10 or >10

Let me explain: This is the Ratio of Effort : Results.

Where Effort is the Time and Energy / enthusiasm/resources you expend .

And Results are what you get from what you did.

And this should always be Effort (1) : Results (> than 10)

You take 1 action. The results you get from that should always be more than an equal return. Your results should be 10 times or greater then 10 times whatever you spent doing the work.

An example of a 1:1 ratio

You cook a meal. That is a collective of 1 Action.
You then eat the meal. That is the collective of 1 Result.

Now if you ate food that agrees with your stomach then your result may be greater than 1 i.e. you get strength and energy from it and you work better.

If the food you ate doesn’t agree with your stomach then you might end up at the emergency room and have to pay for medicines to put it right.

So in this case your ratio is Effort (1) : Result (-10)

In Work , in Money and in Life always aim to get a 1: greater than10 ratio.

If you get a bad result from an action you took then you need to sit quietly and reevaluate what happened.This is a major part of what I’m doing now in the beginning of 2008.

I can tell you right now that a lot of it doesn’t look very pretty.

But you get to learn from my mistakes and avoid them in your internet life.

Were there any whoppers you did last year?
What did you do to make it better?

Let’s all learn and do better this year.

Your partner in success,