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My KickAs*s New Year And Internet Marketing ADD

January 1, 2008

First Off: Happy New Year 2008!
Here’s my lightening strike on the 1st of Jan.
Actually it was more like a punch in the face discovery.
So…What is the one thing that a majority of Internet Marketers have in common?

That’s right we all have ADD.
Attention Deficit Disorder.

I’ve never seen so many people having the same problem on the same interest area. Namely Internet Marketing.

In my earlier post I’d said I’d review a new programme.
Well…I have to admit: I still have to get to it.

Fact is that I just got distracted.

Here are the details:
You know how you want to start something and get all fired up….and then the next day something else catches your attention.

That’s what happened to me.

That’s what happens to every one at some time or another and I am no exception.

Coming back to the very thing that distracted me.
I got this email that said something to the effect:
“Now you can make money without a list, without a website, and with hardly any money”

So naturally I got curious and clicked the link.It lead me to a video which was very informative. I began thinking “Wow!”

But guess what? I realized that in order for me to do what he was doing meant that I’d have to be the sort of person who can blatantly go upto someone and give a sales pitch.

Reality is that I’m not exactly that kind of person. And I had a few moments where I felt a bad about not being able to jump on this information and make a killing with it.

Then it hit me.

I had got distracted.

Yeah! Yeah! I know I said that right in the beginning but like all distractions I didn’t ‘get it’ till after I’d spent 22 minutes watching the d*amn video.

And a super easy cure for this distraction thingy?
Think I just found my next post 🙂

So my New Year’s Resolution is to get back on track and do what I’d said I’d do in my previous post.
And I’m getting to it right now.

BTW that was my Kick A*ss New Year.

I Kicked my own A*ss 🙂

What is your new year’s resolution? I wanna know.