Html Color Text Codes And Basic Html Text Codes

Html color codes names and Html hex color text codes:

Simply copy paste these codes into your writing.

First some basic codes which keep getting used

<b>For Bold</b>

<i>For Italic</i>

<b><i>Mix and match bold italic</i></b>

For a line like the one above use <hr>Hex Colors for html.These are just a few colors that I think go well on pages. There are many more but these are the ones that are soothing and not too glaring.Simply copy paste the code from here into your posts. Most of the colors here are ones that can be read when the text is that color.Others are too light or too bright.

<font color=”#FFB6C1″>Light Pink</font>

<font color=”#DC143C”>Crimson</font>

<font color=”#FF69B4″>Hot Pink</font>

<font color=”#C71585″>Violet Red</font>

<font color=”#EE82EE”>Violet</font>

<font color=”#800080″>Purple</font>

<font color=”#9932CC”>Dark Orchid</font>

<font color=”#4B0082″>Indigo</font>

<font color=”#6A5ACD”>Slate Blue</font>

<font color=”#0000FF”>Blue</font>

<font color=”#0000CD”>Medium Blue</font>

<font color=”#00008″>Dark Blue</font>

<font color=”#6495ED”>Cornflower Blue</font>

<font color=”#00CED1″>Dark Turquoise</font>

<font color=”#008080″>Teal</font>

<font color=”#2E8B57″>SeaGreen</font>

<font color=”#32CD32″>LimeGreen</font>

<font color=”#008000″>Green</font>

<font color=”#808000″>Olive</font>

<font color=”#FFD700″>Gold</font>

<font color=”#DAA520″>Goldenrod</font>

<font color=”#FFA500″>Orange</font>

<font color=”#FF8C00″>DarkOrange</font>

<font color=”#A0522D”>Sienna</font>

<font color=”#FF6347″>Tomato</font>

<font color=”#FF4500″>OrangeRed</font>

<font color=”#808080″>Gray</font>

<font color=”#000000″>Black</font>

These were all easy to use html color hex codes for readable text.

If you want more Hex colors:
This is just one place. There are hundreds of sites more but why waste time right?


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