My Banned List

Banned-SymbolThere are certain products and services that I will add to this list.

Q: What do I mean by “Banned Sites or Services”?

A: Sites or Services that I have found to give little return to my site/blog for the following reasons…
My criteria for Banning:

  1. Too much of the webmasters effort and not paying off.
  2. Too much of the webmaster’s time and not paying off.

Other criteria:
Huge amounts of money to put in before any results can be obtained:

a big No No for webmasters and site owners and bloggers just starting out who don’t have $500 and over to splurge on stuff that they don’t know can work or not.

Basically stuff that’s O.K. for the really wealthy onlinepreneurs to shell out cold hard cash for…but not for anyone who wants to make your dollar stretch and get the most bang for your buck.

BTW if you have any products or services that you’re really Piss*ed at or for some reason didn’t work for you, send me a message or add you comments to this page O.K.

    Why I Hate Most Free Traffic Methods Out There

    Why TrafficSwarm Stinks


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