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How To Maximize Your Life

January 4, 2008

Have you ever wondered why you work so da*mn hard and yet seem to get nowhere?

Sometime late last year I felt like that.

After much time spent in spinning my wheels and going around in circles in my Internet Life and my Personal Life I’ve come to the conclusion that My Action Ratio should always be 1: 10 or >10

Let me explain: This is the Ratio of Effort : Results.

Where Effort is the Time and Energy / enthusiasm/resources you expend .

And Results are what you get from what you did.

And this should always be Effort (1) : Results (> than 10)

You take 1 action. The results you get from that should always be more than an equal return. Your results should be 10 times or greater then 10 times whatever you spent doing the work.

An example of a 1:1 ratio

You cook a meal. That is a collective of 1 Action.
You then eat the meal. That is the collective of 1 Result.

Now if you ate food that agrees with your stomach then your result may be greater than 1 i.e. you get strength and energy from it and you work better.

If the food you ate doesn’t agree with your stomach then you might end up at the emergency room and have to pay for medicines to put it right.

So in this case your ratio is Effort (1) : Result (-10)

In Work , in Money and in Life always aim to get a 1: greater than10 ratio.

If you get a bad result from an action you took then you need to sit quietly and reevaluate what happened.This is a major part of what I’m doing now in the beginning of 2008.

I can tell you right now that a lot of it doesn’t look very pretty.

But you get to learn from my mistakes and avoid them in your internet life.

Were there any whoppers you did last year?
What did you do to make it better?

Let’s all learn and do better this year.

Your partner in success,