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Why I Hate most of the so-called Free traffic Methods out there.

January 3, 2008

banned Symbol2 Most of the Free Traffic methods out there are really programmes started by Internet Marketers.

Fact: Most of them only work if you ditch the Free part and use their Paid System.

And quite frankly speaking most of the people who join these kind of programmes are Internet Marketers who want to promote products for generating more trafic or using Adsense or any number of other related Internet Marketing products.

What if your site or blog is Not based on Internet Marketing?

Then how many of these people would actually be interested in seeing your site?

Not That Many.

So why should you spend cold hard cash for Advertising on a site that is Not your Target market?

You wouldn’t would you?

Well not unless you were lucky enough to get left a boat load of cash and had nothing better to do with it than waste it on bad Advertising…or leave the Millions to your pooch like that rich woman hotelier who died last year.

(I understand why people want their pets to be taken care of after they die. I have a pet myself. What that dog really needs is someone who actually cares for it, not someone who just wants the money but hates the dog)

Getting back to what I was saying…

When I was starting out I was really strapped for cash and so I could not even consider using paid or expensive methods.

In fact I still don’t like using expensive methods, and if I have to pay then I want to make Da*mn sure that I get my money’s worth!

I do try out the services that people recommend.

But then I see for myself if it actually works or not.

Am I truly getting what I want out of it?

If not then Ditch that service.

Use your time and money for a service or product that’ll:

Give You What You Want.